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Smart Self-Locking Firm Iron Household Mousetrap

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This iron Smart Self-Locking Firm Iron Household Mousetrap is an ideal solution for removing rodents from your home with its self-locking, robust construction. Its powerful spring and blunt force prevent escape, quickly and efficiently trapping mice. With up to a 95% success rate, it is an effective pest control solution for any household.


  • Pest Type: Mouse
  • Smart Self-locking Mousetrap
  • Safe Firm Iron Net Household Mouse Catcher
  • Metal Reusable Humane Indoor Outdoor Rat Trap
  • Material:  Style A- Metal; Style B: Poplar/Pine Wood + Steel Wire; Style C: Iron


  • Made of galvanized iron wire, rust-proof and durable.
  • The installation is very convenient, easy to use, and safe for animals and users.
  • Through the automatic locking mechanism, the prey cannot escape after being captured.
  • Ideal for homes, restaurants, shopping centers, food factories, and other damaged places.
  • Very suitable for clearing small plague animals and catching plague alive.
  • The tool has high sensitivity and good effects. You only need to place the cage naturally and put the bait in it. When the mouse is inserted, the cage door will close and the mouse cannot escape after being caught.

    Package includes: 1 x Mouse Trap