Electric Pest Repeller

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Electric Pest Repeller helps clean the house with pests with 360 acoustic wave coverage technology. The repeller is designed to emit four kinds of eco-friendly waves.

  • It Uses the upgraded ultrasonic technology to extremely irritate insects. Ultrasonic can act upon the hearing and the nervous system to make them unpleasant and uncomfortable, which drives them away from your home. Also, outdoor insects won’t enter your house, too. Eliminates Mosquitoes, Mice, Spiders, Ants, Flies, Roaches, Bugs, Fleas, Rats.
  • Protects your home from pests without using dangerous chemicals. Safe for your family members and pets. Driveaway pests so it won’t leave any mess behind for you to clean. With low power consumption, it is an economical and effective pest control solution.
  • Easy to install, just plug in a wall socket 10-30 inches away from the floor and it will do the rest by itself.
  • One unit covers an area of 1200 Square Feet. Since ultrasonic can not penetrate the wall, one room one unit is advised. Additional unit is needed in the larger storage area, such as basement, garage, and warehouse.