Double-Sided Insects Trap Board Sticker

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This highly efficient Double-Sided Insects Trap Board Sticker provides professional and effective pest control. Reusable and easy to use, simply stick it on any surface to trap and kill pests quickly, with no mess. Ideal for all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces, the product provides reliable, long-lasting protection against a wide range of insects.


  • Item Type: Insects Trap
  • Pest Type: Bees, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths
  • Material: PP Plastic Board
  • Bird: 13*8cm
  • Cat: 13*8cm
  • Sunflower: 12.5*7.8cm
  • Butterfly: 13*8cm
  • Dual Sticky Trap
  • Color: Yellow


      -Sticky fly traps use bright yellow and sticky glue to attract insects. This glue is safe and environmentally friendly, very suitable for use in the home or garden.
      -Unique design: 4 shapes for you to choose from, flower shape, butterfly shape, bird shape, cat head shape, and Double-sided adhesive, can catch more whiteflies, yellow Aspergillus, leaf miners, aphids, leaf miners, pear bees, black wing, and other insects.
      -Multiple usage methods: In addition to sticky fly traps, there are cable ties and spade in the package, which provides more useful methods. After peeling off the outer protective layer, it can be directly inserted into the soil or hung on the tree with a tie.
      -Suitable for mosquitoes, leaf miners, aphids, flies, etc.
      -Easy and convenient to operate and use, very practical and useful.