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1 Pc Reusable Smart Mouse Trap

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This innovative Smart Mouse Trap is an easy and efficient way to capture and contain mice. Reusable and constructed of durable plastic, this mouse trap is easy to set and empty, making pest control fast, safe, and easy. A non-toxic bait cup and escape door allow for humane catch-and-release without ever coming in contact with the mouse.


  • Item Type: Mouse Trap
  • Pest Type: Mice
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black


  • Made of durable ABS plastic, it can be reused many times, effectively solving the trouble of the mouse.
  • Since this mousetrap does not use glue, chemicals, or electricity, it is safe to use in homes with children or pets.
  • Adopting the principle of bionics design, the rat-hole iron door is durable and has a barb on the door, so that the mouse can enter and leave, and 2-3 can be continuously caught at one time.
  • It has a "tunnel design" to ensure that you have no physical contact with the mouse, just shake the rat cage and shake the cage quickly until the mouse is dizzy.
  • Easy to use: 1. Put peanut butter or other high-protein bait into the squirrel cage. 2. Place the trap on a wall or other place where activity is frequent and then prepare to kill the mouse.

    Package includes: 1 x Mouse Catcher