Flea Trap Sticky Dome Bedbug With 2 Sticky Discs Light Bulb

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Put an end to the constant irritation caused by fleas and bedbugs with the Flea Trap Sticky Dome Bedbug.

Enjoy a bug-free environment and reclaim your peace of mind.


  • Efficient Elimination: Effectively traps and eliminates fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, and moths.

  • Safe and Reliable: Provides a safe alternative to chemical pest control methods.

  • Attractive Light: The built-in light bulb creates a warm and inviting environment, luring pests towards the trap.

  • Optimal Size: Compact design with dimensions of Diameter 18.5CM/7.28inch and height 11CM/4.33inch.

  • Quality Material: Made from durable and reliable PP material.

  • Complete Set: Each box includes a Flea Trap Sticky Dome Bedbug and 2 Sticky Discs.


  • Fleas Trap Lamp: Insect Trap Catcher
  • Mosquito Killing Light: Bugs Moths Trap Sticker
  • Pest Type: Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Moths
  • Product material: PP
  • Single box weight: 0.6kg

Take control of your living space and bid farewell to fleas and bedbugs with the Flea Trap Sticky Dome Bedbug.