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Mosquito Repellent Lamp Trap Bug Zapper Outdoor & Indoor

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Embrace a bug-free haven with our USB Powered Bug Zapper Mosquito Repellent Lamp.

Combining advanced technology and intelligent design, this lamp offers a powerful solution to rid your indoor and outdoor spaces of bothersome insects.


  • LED Bionic Violet Wave: Equipped with a strong LED Bionic Violet Wave, this lamp effectively attracts a variety of bugs, creating a tempting environment for them.

  • High-Powered Suction Fan: The lamp incorporates a high-powered suction fan that pulls the attracted bugs into the trap, ensuring their capture.

  • Anti-Escape Box: Featuring an anti-escape box, this lamp ensures the effective elimination of bugs, leaving no chance for them to reappear.

  • Convenient USB Charging: The lamp's widely compatible USB cable allows for convenient recharging, ensuring continuous protection.


  • Varied Light Waves: The mosquito killer lamp releases 365NM to 395NM varied light waves that lure mosquitoes towards the built-in fan, where they are air-dried and eliminated.

  • Safe for All: This lamp is designed to be safe for both humans and pets, providing effective bug control without compromising well-being.

  • Easy Disposal: The triple anti-escape apparatus simplifies the disposal process. Just turn and unlock the storage box to discard the captured mosquitoes.

  • Portable and Versatile: Powered by USB, the indoor mosquito trap is portable and adaptable. It's suitable for various power sources, making it ideal for trips and camping adventures, provided the environment is dark.

  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh, ensuring prolonged usage for lasting protection.

  • LED Count: 51 pcs LED, providing efficient bug attraction and elimination.

Experience comfort and peace with our Mosquito Repellent Lamp Trap Bug Zapper. Embrace a bug-free lifestyle with technology-driven protection.